Chapter 2: The Starting Line.

Hi Everyone! Sorry for such a delay in between posts, but was holding out for more information before I shared again. We are reviewing the treatment suggestions and options, as well as seeking additional opinions to find more data points before making final decisions. While are we in a hurry to get started on treatment, we find it most important to choose the best course of treatment and avoiding a decision in haste wherever possible. It has been a bit of a roller coaster, but I want to again reiterate how much the outreach means to us. It’s been truly moving.

We did get some good news from the neurosurgeon. He called and shared that my diagnosis is an Oligodendroglioma instead of an Astrocytoma. While that didn’t mean much to me, I found that if my neurosurgeon is excited, I’m excited. This type of tumor responds better with treatment and has a longer survival rate, which are both positives. For those who read my last post, we have changed the name of the bear from “Astro” to “Ollie”.

I’ve been cleared for activity and am spending my time exercising, prepping the nursery getting ready for baby to arrive, reading, and being as productive as possible, making each minute, hour, and day count. I’m following through on all the commitments that I shared in the last post! Kim and the baby are doing great as we arrive at the eight month of pregnancy. We couldn’t be more excited to meet our little guy/gal!

One thing that I’ve learned as I reflect on the last month is that we all have the power to impact someone’s day. We can make someone smile, create a positive experience, or brighten their outlook on any given day, just be doing a little extra. I challenge you to make one person happier each day by going a little bit further. I’ve had some great experiences fist bumping a young man at the DMV after he passed his driver’s test, or spending time walking a trail with someone wearing a Chicago Bear’s shirt (not common in NC) and telling him that I think they have a real shot this year. It should be worth telling the story. If you are up for it, share your positive impact stories below! 😊

Kim and I remain positive and optimistic with the plan to start treatment once the final decisions on strategy are made. I will continue to share as decisions are made and plans develop. I’ve has some great weeks since my first blog post. You all are the best and are certainly making a positive influence in my life.


PS- Our 5k team is growing and I look forward to seeing everyone on race day!

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  1. Corey, u, Kim and baby Czmiel are in my thoughts and prayers DAILY! Anxious for more and more good news as the days pass. Can’t wait to see u guys in October at strollathon!! Love u!!


  2. Corey. I love your positivity. That will certainly help as you go through treatment and hopefully full healing. We continue to pray for you and your family. I know you’ve touched my life in a great way and know you’ll continue to touch others.


  3. Hi Corey – just saw this post of your Dad’s and I can’t say how sorry I am to hear this. I know you’ll tackle this with the same positivity you bring to everything. If I can do anything at all please reach out.


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